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New Promotions Jun 2015
Well done to all the students that attended the local area seminar and grading with Senior Master Gary Miller VIII. Huge congratulations to Pier-Luigi Meneses on his promotion to 2nd Kup Red belt.

Welsh Open May 2015
Results from today's UKTA Welsh Open in Cardiff. Massive congratulations to Pier-Luigi Meneses and Gemma Ward. Pier-Luigi won Gold in U14 Sparring and Special technique and Bronze in Blue belt patterns. Gemma won Bronze in 14-17 year old Blue belt Patterns and 16-17 year old Red/Blue Sparring. Mr Don Ward and Mr Daniel Woodward officiated.

New Promotions Mar 2015
Congratulations to Harmony Payne promoted to 5th Kup and Imogen Worrall promoted to 7th Kup well done on your performance today grading with Master Lynda Langfield. Well done to everyone who took part in the seminar and well done to all the parents for your support.

English Open Mar 2015
Gemma Ward and Harmony Payne competed - Congratulations to Harmony who won Bronze in sparring under 13 Green/Yellow belts.

Promotions Jun 2015

Pier-Luigi Meneses promoted to 2nd Kup.

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