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New Promotions Dec 2013
Well done and congratulations to all those who attended the seminar and to those who successfully promoted:- Michael Canning to 3rd Kup, Mark Canning to 5th Kup, Kai Langford to 6th Kup, Joshua Gammage to 7th Kup, Hayden Stallwood to 7th Kup, Adam Winstone to 8th Kup, Audrey Winstone 8th Kup, Imogen Worrall 9th Kup and Paris-Leigh Langford 9th Kup.

See Gallery page for photos of belts being presented.

UKTA Open Nov 2013
The results from the UKTA UK Open, Mr Ward-gold in power, Mr Woodward-bronze in sparring, Michael Canning-bronze in sparring and gold in special technique, Tom Canning-bronze in sparring, Gemma Ward-silver in sparring, Mark Canning-bronze in patterns, Kai Langford-silver in sparring, also taking part was Hayden Stallwood who was unlucky not to win bronze in special technique. Well done everyone hope you had a good time and learned much to put into practice for the next one. Mr Stallwood and Mr Ward officiated and Miss Ward coached.

Welsh Open Sep 2013
Results from the UKTA Welsh Open in Cardiff:- Michael Canning Silver in Patterns and Sparring, Gold in Special Technique, Mark Canning Gold in Patterns, Tom Canning Gold in Sparring, Gemma Ward Bronze in Patterns and Silver in Sparring, Adam Stribling Silver in Sparring and Mr Dan Woodward II Bronze in Patterns. Also competing Alfie Stribling who performed well but didn't medal this time. Thanks to Miss Becky Ward for coaching and to all the parents for their support. Be very proud of yourselves

New Promotions Sep 2013
Congratulations to Mr Ward on his promotion to Samdan 3rd Degree at the UKTA grading in Cardiff.

New Promotions Jul 2013
Reilly Plumber and Edward Winstone promoted to 5th Kup, Harmony Payne promoted to 7th Kup, Adam and Audrey Winstone promoted to 9th Kup.

London Open Jul 2013
Congratulations to our students on winning medals at the London Open 2013, Mr Dan Woodward - Bronze in patterns, unlucky in sparring, Michael Canning - Silver in sparring, Gold in special technique, Tom Canning - Bronze in sparring, Gemma Ward - Silver in patterns and sparring, Mark Canning - Bronze in sparring and Harmony Payne - Bronze in Sparring. Well done everyone!!

New Promotions Jun 2013
Congratulations to everyone who attended the Oxford area seminar with Master Everton Leroy Small, I hope you all enjoyed yourself and learned something new. Special congratulations go to Gemma Ward promoted to 5th Kup, Calum Lynch promoted to 7th Kup and Andy Liu promoted to 8th Kup. Enjoy learning your new Tul's. Ed Winstone, Jason Blakeley, Jamelia Tansly and Harmony Payne also attended the seminar and everyone enjoyed the day.

Scottish Open May 2013
Mr Ward won gold in veterans power and silver in veterans sparring, Alfie Stribling won silver in sparring, Gemma Ward won bronze in sparring, Adam Stribling also competed.

English Open Mar 2013
Bronze for Adam Stribling in U14 green sparring, Silver for Harmony Payne in U14 yellow sparring, Gold for Gemma Ward in 14-15 green sparring. Josh Lynch, Josh Gamage, Hayden Stallwood, Mr Dan Woodward, Mr Don Ward also performed very well but no medals this time. Thanks to Mr Mat Carlile, Mr Dave Stribling, Mr Mark Stallwood, Ann-Marie and Steve Gamage, George Payne, Sean Lynch, Becky and Julie Ward for all your support.

New Promotions Feb 2013
Congratulations Josh Lynch to 5th kup, Jason Blakeley and Adam Stribling 6th Kup, Harmony Payne, Josh Gamage and Hayden Stallwood 8th kup and Chloe Gamage 9th kup, well done and work on the next on starts next lesson. Also congratulations to Tom Canning promoted to 5th kup and I hope Josh Thompson, Mark Canning, Jon Beesley and Mr Paul Hudson enjoyed the seminar.

2013 Awards

Student of the Year 2013

The Michael Miller Cup awarded to Mark Canning 5th Kup.

Tenet Certificates awarded to : -

Courtesy – Ed, Adam & Audrey Winstone
Integrity – Josh Lynch
Self Control – Harmony Payne
Perseverance – Miss Becky Ward I
Indomitable Spirit – Miss Jasmine Blakeley I

U10 Competitor - Adam Stribling
U13 Competitor - Tom Canning
14-15 Competitor - Gemma Ward
16-17 Competitor - Michael Canning
Senior Competitor - Mr Dan Woodward II

Destruction - Alfie Stribling
Attendance Certificate - Mark Canning

New Promotions Dec 2013

Kai Langford 6th Kup with an "A" Pass

UKTA Open - Nov 2013

Tom Canning sparring, Miss Becky Ward I coaching, Mr Don Ward III officiating and Gemma Ward supporting.

Team Abingdon - Sep 2013

Everyone looking smart at Abingdon Taekwon-do in their new tracksuits. Thanks to Darren Brinham at Vital Design Oxford for the artwork and Gary Marling at for supplying the tracksuits/embroidery/printing

Scottish Open - May 2013

New Class C Instructors - Feb 2013

New UKTA C Class Instructors with Senior Master John Taylor. Congratulations Mr Dan Woodward II, Mr Dave Stribling I and Miss Becky Ward I. Photo courtesy of Mr Paul Harris.

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