All the news ... 2012

New Promotions Dec 2012
Congratulations to the students who graded in December with Senior Master Taylor. Alfie Stribling promoted to 3rd kup. Mark Canning and Gemma Ward to 6th kup. Jason Blakley and Jamelia Tansley to 7th kup. Joshua Thomson to 8th kup. Joshua Gammage and Hayden Stallwood to 9th kup.

Promotions Sep 2012
Congratulations to Blake Smith, Josh Lynch, Riley Plumber and Ed Winstone all promoted to 6th Kup. Gemma Ward promoted to 7th Kup. Harmony Payne, Andy Liu and Josh Thompson promoted to 9th Kup.

Promotions Jun 2012
Congratulations to Mark Canning and Adam Stribling who were both promoted to 7th Kup today and also to Wallingford students Michael and Tom Canning who were promoted to 4th and 6th Kup. Well done keep up the good work.

Promotions Feb 2012
Congratulations to Mark Brokenshire 5th Kup, Josh Lynch 7th Kup, Blake Smith 7th Kup, Gemma Ward 8th Kup, Daniel Power 9th Kup, Jason Blakeley 9th Kup and Calum Lynch 9th Kup on their promotions today.

2012 Awards

Student of the Year 2012

The Michael Miller Cup went to Gemma Ward 6th Kup.
Runner-up was Mr Dan Woodward II.

Tenet Certificates went to : -
Courtesy – Michael, Tom & Mark Canning
Integrity – David Harries, Mat Carlile
Self Control – Dave Stribling
Perseverance – Sam Godfrey, Mark Stallwood
Indomitable Spirit – Josh Lynch

Junior Competitor - Gemma Ward
Senior Competitor - Dan Woodward
Attendance Certificate - Jason Blakeley