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New Promotions Feb 2018
Congratulations to Sam Lorrison promoted to 7th Kup. Spencer Lorrison promoted to 3rd Kup and Mark Lorrison promoted to 1st Kup and invited to the National BlackBelt Seminar and Grading later this year. Well done to Andrew, Mark, Olly and Lucy who attended today’s Seminar. I hope you all learned and took something away from today.

New Promotions Dec 2017
Congratulations to Rob Sung on his promotion to 6th Kup at the Oxfordshire Area Seminar and Grading with Master Harris. Very well done. I also hope Pierluigi, Mark, Adam, Ed and Audrey enjoyed the seminar.

UK Open 2017
Congratulations to Abingdon Instructor and students who participated in this weekend's UK Open Taekwon-Do championships. Mr Don Ward Bronze in Veteran -80kg Black belt sparring. Mark Lorrison Gold in Veteran colour belt patterns and Bronze Veteran +80kg sparring. Spencer Lorrison Bronze in Veteran colour belt patterns and Bronze in -80kg Veteran sparring. Finley Lorrison Silver in Under 10 yellow belt sparring. Thanks to Julie, Becky, Gemma, Mark, Tom, Angie and Sam for coming along and supporting.

New Promotions Sep 2017
Congratulations to Mark Lorrison promoted to 2nd Kup. Spencer Lorrison promoted to 4th Kup, Robert Sung promoted to 7th Kup and Sam Lorrison promoted to 8th Kup. Well done everyone enjoy learning your new tuls. PS extra special well done to Rob for getting the best result with a plus pass and very good in the marked result box. Onwards and upwards. Taekwon

New Promotions Jun 2017
Congratulations to Mark Canning promoted to 2nd Kup. Adam Winstone promoted to 3rd Kup, Oliver and Lucy Willis promoted to 5th Kup, Francesca Meneses promoted to 7th Kup, Finley Lorrison promoted to 7th Kup Rob Sung promoted to 8th Kup (double grading) and Sam Lorrison promoted to 9th Kup. Mark Lorrison Alison attended the seminar and looked out for what he needs to do next time. Congratulations to you all.

Welsh Open May 2017
Well done to Mark Canning on winning Gold in Veteran colour belt patterns, Gold in Veteran light weight sparring and Gold in Veteran power test. Absolutely awesome performance today Mark. Mr Ward won a Bronze in Veteran lightweight Black belt sparring and Gold in Veteran black belt power test. Wallingford student Tom Canning won two silver medals in sparring and special technique.

International Competition 2017
Congratulations to Mr Ward at the European International Taekwon-Do Federation Championships 2017. Silver medal for veteran male 4th Dan Pattern and Bronze medal for veteran male -80kgs Sparring. Set your mind on a goal and reach out for it. You never know your potential till you try.

Student of the Year 2017

Student of the year Robert Sung

European Championships

Mr Ward England Team Competitor

European Championships

Mr Ward is honoured to have been selected to represent England at the
EITF European Championships.

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